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Animal Dumping Addressed by Nez Perce County Prosecutor

Bunny and Zane - Idaho Animal Rescue Network

The Nez Perce County Prosecutor’s Office recently addressed the increase in animals being dumped in Nez Perce County.  Our rescue has not only recently taken in several animals believed to have been abandoned, but we are receiving calls almost daily from not only within our local area but other counties in Idaho.

“With the weather warming up and the puppy/kitten season upon us, local law enforcement and rescue groups are seeing a dramatic increase in dumping of unwanted pets. Dogs and cats are being left on the side of the road, usually in very rural areas, to fend for themselves. Even though our local animal shelters and rescues are full, dumping unwanted animals are wrong and illegal. Idaho Statute 25-3504 states abandoning an animal is a misdemeanor. If you find yourself in a situation with an unwanted pet, please call the local animal shelter or rescues for assistance.”Nez Perce County Prosecutor’s Office

Not only is it illegal to abandon or dump your animals, but it puts their lives in danger.  When abandoned, animals will do whatever it takes just to survive.  This includes ingesting dangerous items, killing other domestic animals and livestock, going into dangerous areas, and more.

Recently Bunny and Zane were found abandoned near Mann’s Lake in Nez Perce County. Both dogs were emaciated and dehydrated. Bunny had diarrhea that was pure liquid and filled with gravel. It was also black. Needless to say, we had her immediately evaluated at Southway Animal Clinic. When animals are abandoned they will eat whatever it takes to feel full. That is exactly what Bunny and Zane did by consuming grass, branches, gravel, wrappers, and other items. Fortunately, both of these puppies are now healthy and ready for adoption.

Please, don’t dump your animals. There is help and resources available.



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